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Dave H.

Chicago ,Ludwigs

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I have a for piece set that was one of the last Chicago made Ludwigs. They had a cool red sparkle fininsh till the wrap bubbled up in the  back of the band truck one summer. A friend from Indy did a red - silver Duco style paint job on them that rocks. This kit has larger drums with  14" X 28 " bass drum, 10" X 14" rack tom & a 16" X 16" floor tom. I would like to find matching 18" floor tom to go with this set. Thinking of a red sparkle rewrap but who knows. I also have a GMS set that I really like to play & the 16" X 24" bass is easier to carry around. As soon as I figure out my new camera & computer I will post Pics. I play all Zildjian cymbals from about all the B-20 lines.

 Dave "Slawman" Huffman

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