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Bass Drum Note?

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Back when I first started, my teacher told me to always play the snare or bass with a crash (as an accent), otherwise it sounds thin and empty.  Outside of occasional mistakes in live playing, I've only heard one intentional (I assume, since it's recorded) crash without a bass or snare and it sounds weird.  I don't know what song it is, but I've heard it a few times on the radio recently.  It sticks out awkwardly in the song.

Of course there is an exception to that rule: When you use a crash instead of the hi-hats or ride.  Essentially you would be crashing on the hats or ride, or china, but any crashes done as an accent would have a bass/snare hit along with it.

The sound on this video isn't the greatest, but Zildjian did it as an artist promo or something.  All the accents have a bass/snare beat to go along with them, but not all of the crashes have hits with them.


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