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Sam Battle

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You really have to watch Season 8 Episode 10 of Outrageous Acts Of Science to see him doing more drumming than midi and synthesizer work.  He's not a "drummer" but he made some of his own instruments, all run through various electronics and circuits to drum on some pads, and adapted them to play through triggers.  The TV show had a song with more drum pad playing than using a midi controller, but this is the best I could find on his channel.  So he's not a drummer and he's not playing drums, but he demonstrates that we can essentially turn anything into a percussion instrument.  Even a Jacob's Ladder.

At any rate, I wish I could find people like this locally to hang out with.


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From a science/tech viewpoint that is all pretty fascinating. I watched some of his other videos.

This goes back to the other thread we're conversing in. For me, if this is the future of music I'm glad I won't be around. I'm not saying loops and all can't be fun but, there comes a point where it is just  too mechanical for me.

Don't get me wrong, I love synths and wish I could play keyboard. Kat products have inspired the one-man-band thing for decades now. Some people do incredible things, including light, effect, and multi-media shows off their percussive strikes and all. It's jaw dropping. And I know technology drives industry. You can't get away from it.

For me, STOMP's  pallet of what can become a percussion instrument paints a more pleasing canvas. I haven't seen anything about them in years and I wouldn't be surprised if they added electronics to their shows. That's the logical path for entertainment's sake now. 

Our planet is computerized. Our entertainment is computerized and CGI. I keep seeing stuff about sex robots in the news. 50% of people think it's a great idea and they would try it.

You can see where the train is heading. Human physical limits have been reached. The next step is transhumanism.

What speeds will drummers play when that happens? Will people be able to play their bodies and electronically modify the sound to be like any percussion instrument? Will they sing four part harmony themselves? Walking symphonies?



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Well, blast beat records keep being broken.  I think some Japanese dude has it now, and he physically overheats to the point that he's playing in his underwear by the end of the set.  So I agree that we might be near the end of speed limits.  There are people who can harmonize with themselves, but it's very rare and difficult.

Obviously this guy is more of an EDM/DJ style musician and not a drummer, but I could see someone else taking off with his ideas.  It might be mostly for show, and creating loops would be optional (he doesn't do it in the OAS episode), but showmanship has been a part of drumming for probably as long as drumming has existed.  I mostly posted it because as people are moving more towards triggers and e-drums, stuff like this could be added to make the visual of the show more interesting.  I saw NIN live not loo long ago and the drummer was standing up playing a bunch of electronic pads.  It was visually underwhelming.  Eventually he got behind a drum set, but the initial newer songs were lame to see live.  I see no reason why trigger/pad signals couldn't be used the way Sam Battle does to create a better live show.  I've also seen someone (Disturbed maybe?) play an acoustic kit but sample and loop some stuff live.  That was over 10 years ago.

Anyway, I thought his science toys were interesting and they were applied to drumming.  I thought it was a creative way to gain sound sources.  We'll probably see more stuff like this soon.

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