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Oops, I did it again... another refresh!

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My current kit, with the new Stealth Rack and DW boom arms

PDP Concept Maple Pearlescent Black with Black Hardware

22x18 Bass

8x7, 10x8, 12x9, 14x12, 16x14 Toms

DW Collector's Edition Black Nickel Over Brass Snare 14x5.5

Aquarian Heads

Reflector heads on Tom's, Hi-Energy head on Snare, Super Kick 3 head on Bass

Sabian Cymbals

14" AAX X-Plosion Hats

14" AAX Metal-X Diablo Splash

16" AA Metal Crash  

16" AA X-Plosion Crash 

18" AA Metal-X Crash 

20" AA Metal Ride 

20" HHX Zen China 

DW 8002 Longboards 



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Is part of the refresh removing a tom, or am I just missing it?

How do you like the Stealth Rack?  I've been interested in checking those out, but nobody has them in stock to look at.  It makes a lot of sense to me, as far as minimizing hardware and making setup quicker.

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No, the refresh was buying the same kit (cause I'm just so impressed with these Chinese DW's) in a new color combo. Went from Red to Black Fade with Chrome hardware to Pearlescent Black with Black hardware... but... yes, I went with a 2 Up/2 Down instead of the 3 Up/2 Down. I found out that PDP has discontinued this color/hardware option when there were 3 kits left in the DW warehouse... BUT... the drum shop where I got this one actually has an individual 22" kick in this color as well... so... this may turn into the " II " kit: 2 up/2 down/2 kick lol


Now, the Stealth Rack... not only does it make setup easier, it makes it more compact than ever. This entire rack comes apart so that all the rack bars separate at main junctions, and all my hardware (rack, boom arms, Tom legs, hi hat stand, and throne) fit into a 38" rolling hardware bag. It's heavy, but it fits. The longest rack bars are only 30", and those are the two horizontal bars. The legs are only 18" high.

Top is the new, bottom is the old...



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Ah, gotcha.  I read your signature and wondered where the 8" ran off to.  I forgot you had a red kit.

I'm really tempted to buy a couple Stealth Rack kits.  I'll have to measure the back of the Jeep and see how they'll fit.  The idea is to never really tear down or set up.  Just plop the bass in place, plop the stealth racks in place and hook up the bass pedal.  I'd rather carry 3-4 heavier large chunks than lots of little stuff and make tons of adjustments.

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